Notary Journal ASCII File Layout
The Notary Journal is transmitted as an ASCII Comma-Delimited text file. This format allows for subsequent import into most spreadsheet or database programs. The fields, their type and maximum lengths are provided in the table below.

Field Type Max Size
Notary Id Num 7
First Name Chr 30
Middle Name Chr 20
Last Name Chr 40
Certificate Series Chr 2
Certificate Number Num 6
Issue Date (MMDDYY) Chr 6
Expire Date (MMDDYY) Chr 6
Bond Agency Chr 12
Agency Appl Id Chr 12
Trans Type Chr 3
Address Restriction Chr 1 If Y, Next Six Fields Will Be * Filled.
Address Chr 30
Address 2 Chr 30
City Chr 30
State Chr 2
Zip Chr 9
Phone Chr 10
Emp Name Chr 50
Emp Address Chr 30
Emp Address 2 Chr 30
Emp City Chr 30
Emp State Chr 2
Emp Zip Chr 9
Emp Phone Chr 10
Birth Date (MMDDYY) Chr 6
Surety Company Chr 12
Mailing Code Chr 1
Mail Address Chr 30
Mail Address 2 Chr 30
Mail City Chr 30
Mail State Chr 2
Mail Zip Chr 9